Commodifying creativity??

Where do profit and productivity sit in creative economies? By Anne Harris, Monash University Creativity – variously defined as innovation, critical thinking, and cognitive flexibility amongst others – is ubiquitous these days. From creative corporate conglomerates such as Google and Pixar to primary school coders and hackers to creative mathematics, creativity seems to be everywhere […]

Reform Australian universities by cutting their bureaucracies

By Nicholas Graves, Queensland University of Technology; Adrian Barnett, Queensland University of Technology, and Philip Clarke, University of Melbourne Universities drive a knowledge economy, generate new ideas and teach people how to think critically. Anything other than strong investment in them will likely harm Australia. But as Australian politicians are preparing to reform the university […]

eLearning with attitude (courtesy of AFP)

eLearning from Kim Flintoff on Vimeo. A musically enhanced representation of Gagne’s theory of instructional design. (How) does this video prompt you to think differently about how you engage students in the processes of learning? If activity drives learning before content delivery what are the effects on the learner? The LMS isn’t the learning – […]