Twitter and that Harvard Study

Image by luc legay via Flickr This post is taken directly from an email interaction with some Instructional Design colleagues: It began when I sent this Twitter post and these questions to my colleagues – What does it also say about how we engage in online contexts?  What does it mean for online course design?  […]

“Don’t hate the media, become the media”

Image via Wikipedia   I came across this quote from Jello Biafra during my reading today and it seemed to resonate with so many other aspects of my working life that I wanted to give it a bit of currency while I think about all the implications… I think also that it could be a […]

EDUPUNK – the meme of the moment

The blogosphere seems to have embraced this term with a passion. It seems to have gained some currency towards the end of last week and is now a fully fledged meme on the loose. My conceptualisation is something like this: Teachers and learners busting out of the Access Control systems that schools and universities insist […]