MUVEnation – Activity #7 – The professional Avatar

More MUVEnation homework… Considering avatar appearance in educational settings. Do you think avatar appearance is an important aspect of educational activities that are being undertaken in Second Life? Of course, Second Life is a very visual medium for many users and as such for many people avatar appearance becomes a significant factor.   Angela Thomas […]

More MUVENation homework

This week I have some more homework… Please share here your stories about your first hours if life in Second Life. Reflect on your experience: How would you describe your first steps? What were the technical issues, if any? What did you feel about the avatar you chose? What was orientation island like? Could you […]

Getting started on MUVENATION

I have some homework to do. A. I am your friend. I don’t work in education. You are talking to me about the idea that we all learn from each other, in all kinds of contexts, and that this can often be richer than more formal classroom based learning. I am sceptical. Tell me about […]