2009 Virtual World Best Practice in Education Conference

Well, I was just saying in my blog post this morning that had I a chance to redo my Dramatically Different workshop presentation from NMC I would implement some changes.  Now, thanks to a last minute cancellation at the 2009 Virtual World Best Practice in Education Conference and the fact I was following organiser chat […]

Taking Drama conventions into new territory

NMC2009-day2-session06_016 Originally uploaded by acousticdad As mentioned in other posts, I recently offered at session at the NMC Symposium on New Media and Learning (keyword tag NML2009). One of the key aspects of my presentation was to examine, practically, the different expression of conventions that are afforded by the new environment. I have begun a […]

Winding up a great event

Yesterday morning in Perth I presented the final workshop in the New Media Consortium Symposium on New Media and Learning. The session went quite well but I did experience one small glitch and had to reload the software.. they was a delay of a minute or two… as is often the case when you’re excited […]

NMC Symposium on New Media & Learning

The 2009 NMC Symposium on New Media and Learning, the thirteenth in the NMC’s Series of Virtual Symposia, will explore the impact of new media on teaching, learning, research, and creative expression, especially in higher education. NMC Symposium on New Media & Learning http://www.nmc.org/node/6565 The NMC have just advised that my presentation proposal has been […]

Some reminders about the basics in Second Life

Today I conducted a small tour of my research island, Godot, in Second Life.  The visitors were all people involved with, or interested in, Psychodrama. As one of the virtual hosts for the event I would like to thank everyone who attended the session.  It was nice to have people back on the island.  Thanks […]

Free Virtual Theatre

For those using ActiveWorlds installations as their MUVE of choice this news may interest: Theatrical Productions Made Easy: The Classic Modeled Theater Stage System features a sweet stage shell configured with built in backdrop or movie screen, tagged to take commands from create or activate triggers, to change backdrop image, media or curtain header texture […]

7 things meme

21st Century Learning: 7 Things Meme I’ve been tagged by Jenny Luca to contribute to this meme. The idea is that you share 7 things about yourself that would be unknown to your readers. OK – seems this is doing the rounds and I need a minor diversion about now… My seven things are: During […]

GetUp! – Save our Net

As many will be aware, the Australian government is contemplating a draconian legislative act to intervene in the internet access of every Australian.  Those of you who’ve been following my research project in Second lIfe will be aware that I posed this as a fictional scenario in process drama activities over the past 3 years… […]