Convergence of the Real and the Virtual

Right now I’m standing in a sewer alongside Constance Steinkuehler while NicK Yee, Julian Dibbell and a huge gathering of the Horde participate on the The First Scientific Conference in World of Warcraft.   It’s a fascinating exercise but I still think its a limiting environment for this sort of gathering – my conference experiences […]

Education in Virtual Worlds Workshop

On Aug 22, 9:30 (Singapore time) Aaron Delwiche of Metaversality, Grace Lim of Temasek Polytechnic, Scot Osterweil of MIT, and Catherine Bracy and Gene Koo from Harvard hosted a workshop at the State of Play Conference in Singapore. Part of the conference was convened inworld at Berkman (run by Harvard Law) in Second Life. Avatars […]

Emotions in Games

Over at New Scientist I stumbled across this interview with  Peter Molyneux on emotions in games. He’s the man behind games like Populous and Black & White and he talks about making gaming a more emotional experience – I suggested in the late 1990’s that this might be the point where Drama informs computer games – […]

Comic Life and Second Life

Plasq have recently announced the BETA release of a Windows port of their Comic Life software. The software is BETA and is potentially buggy but having said that it worked well for me straight after installation.  I used a few available images from Second Life® drama classes to piece together an example of the output. […]

Prensky on the New Paradigm

Sitting here at the Duxton in Perth while Marc Prensky engages us with his ideas on the “New Paradigm”. Predicated on the notion that the majority of approaches to current education are not created with the modern learner in mind, these assumptions and assertions filter through: Digital Natives – grew up in the digital world […]

Metaxis comes to Second Life

I was quite surprised today when I was reading through the materials arriving from the Second Life Educators mailing list.  Someone referred to Boal’s concept of “metaxis”… my stunned response follows… Yay!! See I told everyone drama was useful for something in the realm of technology.This phenomenon is discussed briefly in a recently released book.  […]

What is Second Life (an ongoing discussion)

In response to a debate convened elsewhere about the nature of Second Life and the nature of games-based learning and the nature of role-play….    Interestingly, (to me) my PhD research project is entitled “Drama Teacher as Games Master: developing digital games-based process drama as performance” My goal is to take aspects of process drama, role-playing games and dramatic performance […]

Keynote done… phew

Well, I’m back in Perth after delivering my keynote at the Drama Australia “Turning the Tides” conference. I was presenting on Monday morning and was first up – there were quite a few latecomers as the conference dinner was held on the Sunday evening. My topic was This drama is pwned: 1337 drama – a […]