Teaching is LEARNING is teaching

Image via Wikipedia Teaching College Math » Blog Archive » Technology Skills We Should Be Teaching in College I thought this blog post developed a nice, albeit partial, set of technology competencies that would certainly set our staff well ahead in the drive to flexible and online learning. The list is also the result of […]

NMC Horizon Report (ANZ 2009)

NMC Releases Horizon Report: 2009 Australia-New Zealand Edition | nmc As usual the Horizon report is fairly well grounded in the state of play. The Horizon Report: 2009 Australia-New Zealand Edition (1.3 MB, 32 pp) is available now. The report is free, and has been released with a Creative Commons license to facilitate its use, […]

Government 2.0 and Web 2.0 in schools

Image via Wikipedia An interesting report Web 2.0 in Schools. Given that yesterday Canberra was engaged with, and streamed live, its Government 2.0 Forum and announced the establishment of the Government 2.0 Taskforce (http://gov2.net.au/)– this educational focus may also get some legs and coverage. The twitterstream (#publicsphere) and live feed from Parliament (http://www.katelundy.com.au/live/) on Monday […]

A feature from Global Kids

This is a great little profile video – as much about the work of Global Kids as it is about Nafiza. My impression is that learners like Nafiza are the leaders of the future.  These students are learning to operate at so many levels and projects like Global Kids are showcasing these students to the […]

Thought controlled SL navigation

The latest bit of exciting news to tantalise technophiles and terrify technophobes is the announcement that a team of researchers at Keio University have working device that allows thought controlled navigation… they have it hooked into a Second Life client and this video shows the device in action. There ismore on the development over at […]

Drama and New Media at IDEA2007

You may be interested in these sites emerging from the Drama and New Media SIG at the IDEA WORLD CONGRESS in Hong Kong http://dramaNmedia.wikispaces.com http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=3481320636 Also C&T are building an archive of Drama related podcasts http://www.candt.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=72&Itemid=31 We also managed to make a bit of a splash during the Keynote session today. When was the last […]

“Selfing” – personalising computing.

In a discussion recently relating to 1:1 computing and personalised hardware and software configurations… Ah, choice! Perhaps the whole concept of “personal” computing might be reintroduced with the push for one-to-one technology imperatives.. and choice of preferred operating systems, hardware configuration, software, input devices, and interface might come along with it… Imagine the mindset you’ll […]