FREE time for FreeSouls… a vison for the future of education NOW…

Image via Wikipedia I’ve just been re-reading Howard’s chapter in Freesouls…   And this section really resonates in relation to the use of Web 2.0 (or “participatory media” if you like) in teaching and learning… One thing it assumes is a proactive commitment from participants… Engagement… This passage suggests to me a compelling rationale for the […]

Teaching is LEARNING is teaching

Image via Wikipedia Teaching College Math » Blog Archive » Technology Skills We Should Be Teaching in College I thought this blog post developed a nice, albeit partial, set of technology competencies that would certainly set our staff well ahead in the drive to flexible and online learning. The list is also the result of […]

Pedagogy, andragogy or a blend thereof?

This is the title of an article in the most recent Journal of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders* and it focuses on the transition years where learners are progressing from experiences of pedagogy to andragogy.  Pedagogy is marked by the fact that is is generally the teacher who predetermines what will be taught, plans […]

Instructional Design and Learning Projects

Image via Wikipedia I recently read, and today re-read, a short handout by Gary Stager that I came across on this blog entry: What Makes a Good Project? In the November 2008 issue of The Creative Educator magazine, there is the first of a two-part article on project- based learning by Gary Stager and illustrated […]