Howard talks about key 21st century literacies.

Image by jdlasica via Flickr Over at, JD Lasica caught an impromptu interview with Howard Rheingold on his Flip Mino HD video recorder. 21st century media literacies from JD Lasica on Vimeo. Meanwhile Howard has posted his own keynote from Reboot Britain on Blip.TV Related articles by Zemanta Howard Rheingold on essential media literacies […]

Dean Groom on Social Media in Education

Intro to Social Media In Education View more presentations from pmhs. Dean Groom offers us a quick but insightful look at the possibilities for Social Media.  Not disimilar to Howard Rheingold’s recent assertions… seems there might be some significant impetus to push the slothful education departments around the globe into some meaningful change.

Rheingold on Participative Pedagogy

Howard Rheingold seems to have become more visible again in my part of the web… he’s popping up on Twitter and has penned some new material – the following excerpt from an essay entitled Participative Pedagogy for a Literacy of Literacies rang a few bells for me and got me wondering about how much teachers […]