People as the Platform

Image by Stuck in Customs via Flickr This strikes me as something that Education needs to better understand….. There is something simply wonderful about a directory of people. And then enabling people to make the directory social. You quickly find not only the people, but who they are, who knows who, and who is paying […]

Government 2.0 and Web 2.0 in schools

Image via Wikipedia An interesting report Web 2.0 in Schools. Given that yesterday Canberra was engaged with, and streamed live, its Government 2.0 Forum and announced the establishment of the Government 2.0 Taskforce (– this educational focus may also get some legs and coverage. The twitterstream (#publicsphere) and live feed from Parliament ( on Monday […]

The 5 Ps of Social Media (in education) OK – according to this article the 5 P’s of social media are: PROFILES (note the plural) PROPAGATE PRODUCE PARTICIPATE PROGRESS The context is social media marketing – but I think the idea might be co-opted for education… Profiles can be about who you are as a learner (or teacher) within a specific context […]

Dean Groom on Social Media in Education

Intro to Social Media In Education View more presentations from pmhs. Dean Groom offers us a quick but insightful look at the possibilities for Social Media.  Not disimilar to Howard Rheingold’s recent assertions… seems there might be some significant impetus to push the slothful education departments around the globe into some meaningful change.