Interesting developments in Australia for Second Life and Education

We have an interesting emerging space for collaboration of those working in SL and with teens at and Dean Groom brings a whole new twist to learning initiatives in SL – and is possibly the first school in Australia to fully blend SL learning into the mainstream curriculum. These take place in TL […]

My Island Home…

The Second Life island of Godot is finally taking shape and the development is underway. Along with Kim Pasternak getting some better hair – the difficulties we had recently with inventory not appearing – or worse, disappearing – seem to be over. The island is shaping up to be a small seaside community, not disimilar […]

Godot development

As advised recently, I took delivery of my shiny new Second Life island called Godot. My initial excitement started to give way to the pragmatics of getting Godot into a state where it can serve my research needs. Reading about island development in other forums could leave you believing you need a hefty bankroll and […]

The waiting over – Godot is here!

Well, I awoke this morning knowing I had a meeting inworld with Larissa Dmytryk. I had a chance to check my inbox first and discovered the good news from Linden Lab that my island (Godot) has been delivered. This is the first image from the mini map – it doesn’t appear yet on the main […]

NMC Symposium – Creativity in Second Life

Next week the NMC is running an entire weeks symposium on “Creativity in Second Life” There are a number of strands: Machinima, Fashion, Sculpture and Modeling, Virtual Photography, and Teaching Environments, social / arts events, and lots of practical and interactive sessions. I’m involved in one of the sessions… Fri Aug 17 7pm – Fri […]