Twitter and that Harvard Study

Image by luc legay via Flickr This post is taken directly from an email interaction with some Instructional Design colleagues: It began when I sent this Twitter post and these questions to my colleagues – What does it also say about how we engage in online contexts?  What does it mean for online course design?  […]

Visible Past – location aware learning environment

Visible Past View more OpenOffice presentations from uberme. Visible Past is a location-aware learning environment geared toward the delivery, discovery, and storage of information, but using the spatial and temporal characteristics of that information as the organizing structure. It is being developed at Purdue University by a multidisciplinary team of faculty and students led by […]

A feature from Global Kids

This is a great little profile video – as much about the work of Global Kids as it is about Nafiza. My impression is that learners like Nafiza are the leaders of the future.  These students are learning to operate at so many levels and projects like Global Kids are showcasing these students to the […]

Pedagogy, andragogy or a blend thereof?

This is the title of an article in the most recent Journal of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders* and it focuses on the transition years where learners are progressing from experiences of pedagogy to andragogy.  Pedagogy is marked by the fact that is is generally the teacher who predetermines what will be taught, plans […]

Some thoughts on Games for learning (in Drama)

DETERMINING STYLE OF PLAY The DM provides the adventure and the world. The players and the DM work together to create the game as a whole. However, it’s your responsibility to guide the way the game is played. The best way to accomplish this is learning what the players want and figuring out what you […]