Live and experience a trillion human life stories

The globally acclaimed simulation game, RealLives – originally unveiled in the United States in 2004 and subsequently developed in Pune after 2012 – is now being introduced in India. RealLives essentially aims to develop empathy in players – empathy for other cultures, societies, as well as one’s own, thus helping them learn to appreciate the […]

Online game for schools – solve the world’s water problems.

I’d just like take a quick moment of your time to tell you that Curtin University is proud to announce that it is once again the Australian organiser for participation in the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge. We’d love to welcome you and your students to Eco Challenge for 2016. You can get a sneak peak of […]

Remix Flyer

Looking for creative practitioners for REMIX Museum Hack 2016

REMIX Museum Hack 2016 REMIX Museum Hack 2016 will be a first of its kind event in Western Australia, connecting our best technology innovators, coders and designers with primary school children. In line with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) principles, hack teams will interpret children’s drawings developed in response to a Western Australian Museum […]

Commodifying creativity??

Where do profit and productivity sit in creative economies? By Anne Harris, Monash University Creativity – variously defined as innovation, critical thinking, and cognitive flexibility amongst others – is ubiquitous these days. From creative corporate conglomerates such as Google and Pixar to primary school coders and hackers to creative mathematics, creativity seems to be everywhere […]

“Digital” metaphors

In recent years much has been made of the concept of the Digital Native and Digital Immigrant. Could we examine the limits of these metaphors in relation to education. Many believe the metaphors to be useful, but like all metaphors they need to be extended and enriched. Are there Digital Refugees?Digital Asylum Seekers? Digital Enemy Combatants? What […]

Net Gen Nonsense highlight a study

While I don’t fully endorse what I perceive as the general negativity of the Net Gen Nonsense blog they have identified an interesting study relating to the notion of the Digital Native. I’d suggest reading the comments to their post and think about how they have framed the study in light of their mission of […]

Digital Colonisers – not what Prensky meant.

Sitting here at the Duxton in Perth while Marc Prensky engages us with his ideas on the “New Paradigm”. Predicated on the notion that the majority of approaches to current education are not created with the modern learner in mind, these assumptions and assertions filter through: Digital Natives – grew up in the digital world […]

More on Grip, Fix, Turn

I doubt you’ll find the phrase “grip, fix, turn” anywhere except in my recent writing and the transcript of the speech I deliverd at the 2006 Drama Australia conference in Sydney. The turn of phrase was intended to invoke the spirit of the Mac campaign a few years ago – “Rip, Mix, Burn” that seemed […]

Inaugural post

Well, I’ve been back in Perth for a few weeks now after delivering my keynote at the Drama Australia “Turning the Tides” conference. I was presenting on Monday morning and was first up – there were quite a few latecomers as the conference dinner was held on the Sunday evening. My topic was This drama […]