Messy and Unpredictable – the core strengths of Challenge-based Learning

I recently read with interest an article titled “The Messy and Unpredictable Classroom”.  I was struck by the overlaps between the qualities of the messy and unpredictable classroom and the type of challenge-based learning I use across my classes. The consensus is that creating ambiguity for students to work through is essential to their development […]

“Student-centred” and “open-ended” essentials for Challenge-Based projects

I’ve been thinking about the importance of creating the opportunities for requisite diversity in challenge-based learning.  Back in the 1990s when I was still teaching Drama, even production work became project-oriented and my students never had lock-step content-driven pathways to follow. They were regularly expected to forge their own pathways, assess each situation, and approach […]

Alternate Reality Learning Experiences – Immersive Project Based Learning.

In 2015 I was one of the international learning designers advising Pearson Education Research and Innovation Network on the development of a new project-based learning experience entitled SCORCH. Rob Kadel produced this slideset to outline the principles and processes that underpinned SCORCH   The TECH and LEARNING Magazine featured the project in April 2015: […]

Positioning project work at the heart of learning

WELCOME TO THE TIDES PROGRAM The TIDES program is probably going to be a little bit different than many of your other courses across all the Learning Areas. TIDES emphasises interdisciplinary, cross-curricular, collaborative, and community-linked learning experiences to foster increased learner engagement, development, and autonomy through the frames of Technology Innovation Design Enterprise Sustainability. Now […]

STEM4Innovation – A Western Australian journey into connected STEM education.

STEM4Innovation – A Western Australian journey into connected STEM education. In March 2020, the reality of the global COVID-19 emergency became manifest in Western Australia.  The experience of school closures, work from home, social and physical distancing, and the rapid adoption of online learning and teaching practices were suddenly part of every citizen’s life. A […]