The Appropriation of Disability

In response to a discussion with a colleague about representations of disability in Second Life I started wondering about “The Appropriation of Disability” what an interesting concept.  I have met a few people who are wheelchair bound in SL and I don’t think they are in RL… there are also people who appear to be […]

Comic Life and Second Life

Plasq have recently announced the BETA release of a Windows port of their Comic Life software. The software is BETA and is potentially buggy but having said that it worked well for me straight after installation.  I used a few available images from Second Life® drama classes to piece together an example of the output. […]

New performances in Second Life

SLATENIGHT reports on some interesting performance events happening in Second Life. Border Art Slate Magazine: Second Life Arts Total Entertainment – Monday, 22 January 2007  © Slate Magazine: Second Life Arts Total Entertainment Shakespeare Comes To Second LIfe Slate Magazine: Second Life Arts Total Entertainment – Monday, 22 January 2007  © Slate Magazine: Second Life […]

Developing a Second Life

Well, having solved some of my bandwidth issues (now I have 60Gb monthly limit!) I have been able to better use my time in Second Life and really started to establish a presence. SL is a real bandwidth slurper. Like many newbies I wandered aimlessly around the SL world seeing what I could see, and […]

Edward Tufte

I’m wondering how many other researchers have encountered Edward Tufte?  This man is referred to as the “Da Vinci of Data”.. his ideas on data representation are amazing. He offers this in relation to PowerPoint: In corporate and government bureaucracies, the standard method for making a presentation is to talk about a list of points […]

MuseumR – fun with Flickr

Thanks to an entry at Jean Burgess’s creativity/machine I found my way to Museumr.  I’m not sure of the potential at the moment beyond ‘vernacular’ pleasure and artistic expression.  But it is vaguely subversive and as Jean comments its a bit like “sneaking into the master’s house”.  I generated several images in my first few […]

New Arts magazine in and on Second Life

From Christy Dena over at Writing About Virtual Words at WRT: Writer Response Theory we learn that: SLATE Magazine (Second Life Arts & Total Entertainment Magazine) is a new Second Life magazine that covers the arts in SL. There are 14 authors in the collective so far and we’re a mixed bunch of artists, academics, […]

Blast Theory want talkers

Innovative new media arts collective Blast Theory are looking for participants for their new project starting next month.  Blast Theory – Soft Message on Radio 3 Ever wanted to talk to a stranger? If so, Blast Theory want to talk to you. We are a group of three artists fascinated by how and why we talk […]

Suzanne Vega to perform in Second Life

The Infinite Mind launches in 3-D cyberspace John Hockenberry hosts live broadcast featuring Suzanne Vega, Kurt Vonnegut, Howard Rheingold. Opening events for the new virtual world headquarters include a series of live tapings, hosted by acclaimed broadcast journalist and long-time contributor to The Infinite Mind John Hockenberry. Guests will include visionary singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega, who […]