Tracking the goings on at EDMEDIA 09

Me, We and Everyone: navigating the spaces between individuals, groups and networks (Nancy White) View more Keynote presentations from Nancy White. Stephen Downes – EDMEDIA presentation #EDMEDIA – Hashtags listing Related articles by Zemanta The Cloud and Collaboration ( Critical Thinking in the Classroom ( Networked Effect: Listen, Learn, Adapt, Respond …. ( Media Literacy: […]

Government 2.0 and Web 2.0 in schools

Image via Wikipedia An interesting report Web 2.0 in Schools. Given that yesterday Canberra was engaged with, and streamed live, its Government 2.0 Forum and announced the establishment of the Government 2.0 Taskforce (– this educational focus may also get some legs and coverage. The twitterstream (#publicsphere) and live feed from Parliament ( on Monday […]

EDUCAUSE sudden insight #edaust09

@libsmatter live blogging on the floor Originally uploaded by catspyjamasnz It has just dawned on me that the most engaging sessions I’ve been to are those run by people who are actually out there in the wild – doing it for real in the real world of Web 2.0 Not those peddling institutional clones, not […]

“Don’t hate the media, become the media”

Image via Wikipedia   I came across this quote from Jello Biafra during my reading today and it seemed to resonate with so many other aspects of my working life that I wanted to give it a bit of currency while I think about all the implications… I think also that it could be a […]

“Selfing” – personalising computing.

In a discussion recently relating to 1:1 computing and personalised hardware and software configurations… Ah, choice! Perhaps the whole concept of “personal” computing might be reintroduced with the push for one-to-one technology imperatives.. and choice of preferred operating systems, hardware configuration, software, input devices, and interface might come along with it… Imagine the mindset you’ll […]