Right now I’m standing in a sewer alongside Constance Steinkuehler while NicK Yee, Julian Dibbell and a huge gathering of the Horde participate on the The First Scientific Conference in World of Warcraft.


It’s a fascinating exercise but I still think its a limiting environment for this sort of gathering – my conference experiences in Second Life are probably more familiar to me – at least I don’t get killed 5 times on my way to the venue!

Nonetheless, the is something wonderfully exciting about being a part of this groundbreaking event. A games conference inside a game… we’re not in Kansas anymore!


It seems that there were 124 Science Guild members present – and from looking at the local chat there were a lotof other people fom all over the world who had used trial accounts and couldn’t be recruited to the guild to follow the discussion.

On Day One the event was usrteamed simultaneously at http://world2worlds.com but ther seemed to be some problem with the feed tonight. I certainly hope the chatlogs will soon be posted – there was some interesting discussion.

 DRAMANITE - Level 3 Undead Warlock

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