Documentary Games

Ian Bogost over at Water Cooler Games discusses the release of a game based on the Paris riots.  He refers to an emerging genre, “documentary games” and leads us to discover a few we may not have encountered previously. I’ve been increasingly interested in so-called documentary games (or docu-games), such as JFK Reloaded and Escape […]

IGDA Perth kicks off

Last night in the palatial luxury of the Velvet Lounge in Perth, the most recent Australian chapter of the International Game Developers Association had its first public outing.  Arriving at the door to be greeted by hostesses in hot pants were about 50 of the expected demographic – youngish males with a certain air of […]

gameplay vs. story – again…

There is an interesting little piece over at miscellany is the largest category on the relationship between the ludic and the narrative.  the narrative drive is not always primary (or even present – Poker has plenty of ludic and absolutely no inherent narrative drive). The trick, of course, is to understand how they do co-exist […]

Game/Play exhibition

Game/Play is a networked national touring exhibition focusing on the rhetorical constructs game and play. This collaboration between Q Arts, Derby and HTTP Gallery, London provides a basis for exchange and interaction between audiences, artists, curators and writers through the exhibitions and networked activity. Playful interaction and goal-oriented gaming explored through media arts practice | […]