I’m currently working in a university as an eLearning Advisor – charged with bringing a shift towards more effective application of quality pedgagogy and the unbiquitous tools for learning that exist in our digital landscape.

Here as more of a lurker than a doer, looking at the structures and models that the #ETMOOC is employing.

In reality, I’m still a drama teacher at heart… with the emphasis on drama as a process of learning rather than as vehicle for producing theatre.

I’m married to an outrageously clever librarian who’s working in what might be called the “disability sector” – probably one of the few totally digital librarians in the country.  I’m dad to two amazingly challenging daughters aged 1 and 3.

A tragic sci-fi and fantasy fan… Dr Who is one of my current obsessions.

Self-taught tech skills… and despite knowing just how limited my tech capabilities are I still find many educators can’t track what I can do (r give th eappearanc eof doing after a 2 minute YouTube tutorial)

What do I want from this undertaking?  Insight, experience, networking, opportunities to invade your mind…  and the capacity to just walk away if I lose interest or need to apply myself elsewhere.

Kim Flintoff at the Conference!
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2 thoughts on “#ETMOOC Introduction

  1. Thanks for including me in your list of “related” articles! I’ll need to look at what you are writing and following through this MOOC. I have found that those involved in MOOCing around appear to be rather zealous in their desire to try it all. The opportunities for connections and the ability to learn from others is intoxicating, to say the least.

    1. Thanks Laurie for checking in… I wouldn’t put much stock in reading much I’m writing at the moment – there are a few good rants in the blog from the past few years – these days my daughters take priorty and I don’t get a lot of time to write – so what I do write tends ot be very brief and derivative…

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