While I don’t fully endorse what I perceive as the general negativity of the Net Gen Nonsense blog they have identified an interesting study relating to the notion of the Digital Native. I’d suggest reading the comments to their post and think about how they have framed the study in light of their mission of “debunking the myth of the net generation

More Mythbusting Evidence
Two British researchers have just completed a study of undergraduate students that found “many young students are far from being the epitomic global, connected, socially-networked technologically-fluent digital native who has little patience for passive and linear forms of learning.” Instead, the study found that students use a limited range of technologies for both formal and informal learning and that there is a “very low level of use and familiarity with collaborative knowledge creation tools such as wikis, virtual worlds, personal web publishing, and other emergent social technologies.”

The study was conducted by Anoush Margaryan and Allison Littlejohn at Glasgow Caledonian and Strathclyde Universities in the UK. Here is a summary of their findings. A full article is in the works.

The findings of the study are reported in this Slideshare presentation:

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