Since Gough died the other day there seems to be one great achievement left to be recorded – it seems to me that his passing has revitalised a broad desire to change for the greater good – apart from the standard detritus from the Cabinet we’re seeing many more elected officers standing for what’s right (not Right).

Let’s add our weight to the positive – let’s endorse the actions of MPs and Senators whenever they are right on track… IT’S TIME once again…

Send the message that reflects the Australia and the world we know is necessary – where benevolence, community, diversity are key measures of our humanity… turn self-interest on its head… cut off the support for those pursuing power, privilege and prestige at the expense of other human beings, other living things and the world more generally…

Just an idea…. and ideas can change the world….

Photo by Brian Steels
Photo by Brian Steels – “A Quiet Tribute”

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