The Second Life island of Godot is finally taking shape and the development is underway.

Sunset over Godot

Along with Kim Pasternak getting some better hair – the difficulties we had recently with inventory not appearing – or worse, disappearing – seem to be over. The island is shaping up to be a small seaside community, not disimilar to Bribie Island in Queensland.

The major buildings are in place, but the real time spinner comes from embedding the pretext materials for the Process Drama.

This is a learning exercsie for all involved. Unlike many “simulations” the learning opportunities on Godot are predicated by social engagement. The site needs to have enough guidance built-in so that participants can engage intuitively – but not so much that the roleplaying becomes unnecessary.

The idea of “internet governance” is the basis of the scenario. We have a proposition put forward about increasing levels of surveillance of net usage, limiting access, filtering content, etc. PLATO – the People’s Lobby Advocating Technological Ordinance, seem to believe that more regulation is better, that somehow prohibition and restriction is the way to go. On the other end of the political spectrum is RASCL – the Regional Association for Social and Civil Liberties, who are proposing that we only really need to legislate when there are genuine and probable risks.

Roleplayers will be asked to take on roles of various members of the fictional community of Lost City to explore the issues and implications.

Godot will be closed to public access during research sessions and open access will be available at other times – a small sandbox is available for research participants to construct requisite content. Participants will be allowed to set Godot as home if they wish.

Anyway, stay posted for developments.

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