2009 Virtual World Best Practice in Education Conference

Well, I was just saying in my blog post this morning that had I a chance to redo my Dramatically Different workshop presentation from NMC I would implement some changes.  Now, thanks to a last minute cancellation at the 2009 Virtual World Best Practice in Education Conference and the fact I was following organiser chat […]

More MUVENation homework

This week I have some more homework… Please share here your stories about your first hours if life in Second Life. Reflect on your experience: How would you describe your first steps? What were the technical issues, if any? What did you feel about the avatar you chose? What was orientation island like? Could you […]

The Drama of Lost City #1

I’m pleased to say we launched this ship today. It’s taken a long time to organise but thanks to a few interested people we had a stab at it. It was a very different exercise than the small drama Anya Ixchel and I undertook at the last NMC Symposium. We had 12 people to get […]

Drama ready to go – I need you!

Well, the Process Drama I’ve been developing is well and truly ready to go. I’ve been trying for a while to drum up a gropup of interested volunteers to participate in the project. Unlike many reserach projects that simply require delivery of a syurvey, this project is a bit more complicated. Think of trying to […]

A post from the Grid

Nooribeom 182,191,24 – This is a test from the SL Grid. Well, I’ve confirmed that the SLurlBlogger tool (created and distributed free by Ordinal Malaprop) works. By the way have you seen the latest state of Godot. It’s pretty much all set to go for trailling the process drama – all I need now is […]

My Island Home…

The Second Life island of Godot is finally taking shape and the development is underway. Along with Kim Pasternak getting some better hair – the difficulties we had recently with inventory not appearing – or worse, disappearing – seem to be over. The island is shaping up to be a small seaside community, not disimilar […]

Godot development

As advised recently, I took delivery of my shiny new Second Life island called Godot. My initial excitement started to give way to the pragmatics of getting Godot into a state where it can serve my research needs. Reading about island development in other forums could leave you believing you need a hefty bankroll and […]