Innovative new media arts collective Blast Theory are looking for participants for their new project starting next month. 

Blast Theory – Soft Message on Radio 3

Ever wanted to talk to a stranger?

If so, Blast Theory want to talk to you. We are a group of three artists fascinated by how and why we talk on the phone.

We would like to talk with you on the phone over a one week period in September. The calls will be recorded and some of them will be edited for use in a 30 minute programme on Radio 3 in the autumn. The program will also be broadcast on the internet. We cannot guarantee that your calls will be used in the programme.

You might talk to us about what you’ve been up to, give us an audio tour of your home or tell us about things you get up to that nobody knows about.

For you to participate you will need to give us your mobile phone number and agree that we can call you on that number at any time during those two weeks. We may call you once, we may call you a number of times. We will ask the questions: all you have to do is decide what to answer.

You can register under your own name or you may choose to use a different name.

We are interested in hearing from anyone with a mobile phone who is willing to talk. We would especially like to hear from you if you:

• work at night, sleep during the day or work odd hours

• are a mobile phone addict

• are in hospital or have a lot of time on your hands

• are someone who likes to talk to strangers

You must be in the UK between 1st and 8th September 2006 and be over 16 years old.

For more details and to register –

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