Webvisions 2006 will soon convene to examine the possible futures of the web.  Some of the proposed explorations are intrigiung and I will be following developments with interest.

Luke Williams’ keynote promises:

Throughout the electronic age, people have become accustomed to interacting with digital media indirectly, mediated through screens and peripheral devices. But now, as digital technology becomes invisibly embedded in everyday things, the “feeling” of everyday things is also increasingly becoming embedded in digital technology.In many senses, physical objects are becoming more important. In an immediate way, they can help us define new systems of relationships with digital information. This presentation will examine how perceptions and gestures formed through our experiences with physical products; can effectively bring liberty to the relationship between brain, body and digital media interface.

What the audience will learn:

  • How patterns and archetypes from product design now frame new ways for people to orientate themselves around information.
  • The principle of stimulating one sense through another to create multi-sensory interactions.
  • New developments at the collision point between “real world” objects and “digital interfaces” – the touch screen.

I believe that these considerations will inform the development of the “networked digital drama” that I’m working towards, as well as playing a huge role in the shifting nature of online teaching and learning.

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