Erin Reilly

Later this month I’ll be meeting with Erin Reilly, Managing Director + Research Fellow at USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab, when she visits our campus.

Erin has an amazing track record of work and an impressive group of current and former collaborators.

While she’s in Perth she has agreed to make time in her very busy schedule to present a public talk about her recent work.

More than 120 years after Thomas Edison introduced the possibility of moving pictures through his Kinetoscope, The Edison Project, an ambitious research and education initiative undertaken by University of Southern California’s Annenberg Innovation Lab, aims to find new modes of entertainment that producers and audiences do not yet realize they want and offers predictions that the next wave of economic growth will come from imagination and creativity more than from technology itself.

Erin Reilly will share this research and application based on four research pillars:

  • The New Metrics + Measurement,
  • The New Funding + Business Models,
  • The New Screens, and
  • The New Creators + Makers.

Each of these pillars forms a core part of the media and entertainment industries’ scaffolding, but they are also inextricably linked, continually informing and influencing one another.

Erin will first offer a closer look at the way audiences engage with media in this new era via novel metrics and measurement, which invites us to consider a range of possibilities for distribution and monetization. This shifts the conversation towards the technological promise of new screens and other devices, while considering how new players in this imagination economy might take advantage of its opportunities to build strong, rewarding relationships with audiences. Overall, the insights laid out in this talk will construct a vision of what the future, or different possible futures, might look like, offering a set of observations and provocations that might guide our thinking as we take individual and collective action to determine what sort of world we want to live in.

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