The Old Silo Against the Elements
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This strikes me as something that Education needs to better understand…..

There is something simply wonderful about a directory of people. And then enabling people to make the directory social. You quickly find not only the people, but who they are, who knows who, and who is paying attention to who.  You can surface what people are working on. Groups that exist are made visible, and new groups form easily.

Strikes me that this has a huge implication for eLearning…  And perhaps even new models for research collaboration… In an organisation where the directory is social and the activity is transparent there must be fantastic opportunities to bust out of silos!

What I do know is this, we spent the entire industrial revolution dehumanizing not only our employees, but customers in pursuit of ruthless efficiency and profit. We will rediscover the efficiency and profit lost by working together in ways we haven’t yet imagined.

If employees were TEACHERS and customers were STUDENTS – what were we pursuing and what will we rediscover?

What if this matrix were applied to Teaching and Learning??  Would the transformation make for more engaged/satisfying/meaningful learning?
Social Software Value Matrix

Social Media is a Culture, Not Just a Strategy ~ Samir Balwani (so is education)

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