Blurring Online and Physical Performative Space


Intimacy and In.yer.face (July 20th, 8 p.m. (NZ time)) is a live performance / installation event and remix project, featuring an interdisciplinary selection of local and international artists, operating in the nexus between art and technology. Our conception of site is fragmented when agents participate from spatially dispersed locations, and when the boundaries between online and physical performative space are blurred. Intimacy and In.yer.face explores this fragmentation, the endless and cyclical encoding and decoding of information that occurs in the interface between humans and machines.

Curated by Daniel Agnihotri-Clark, Intimacy and In.yer.face commences with a one-night event featuring simultaneous live performances and interactive installations, linked by real-time streaming of audio and video signals which will be broadcast over the internet. The event will feature new works by the globally dispersed cyberformance troupe Avatar Body Collision (New Zealand, London, Helsinki), the interdisciplinary artist Kartini Thomas (Wellington), aerialists / actors Pipi-Ayesha Evans and Rhys Latton (Wellington), and audio / video artists Emil McAvoy and Damian Stewart (Wellington).

I attended the performance – not entirely sure I experienced all I was supposed to.  I had to stop and download some plugin updates halfway through the process.  Began with some exploring stages in Upstage with the goal of finding a password that would allow access to the main feeds of the performance.  I saw glimpses of people in front of a screen, heard some snippets of audio and some odd video feeds.  Part of the task was to remix the material that was being delivered.  Certainly has the potential for a range of interactivity – could probably have done with a little more guidance about how to appreciate the show.

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