The program asked students to produce and send us three- to seven-minute original videos based on the theme “How Technology Helps Me Learn,” illustrating how their schools are employing technology to advance learning. We received scores of entries from schools across the United States–and even one from Japan.We’ve pared down these responses to the three most creative and original videos in each category: elementary, middle, and high school. The finalists’ entries are posted to our web site, and we’d like you to help us choose the winners. (To participate, go to, watch the student videos, and rate each of the nine finalists; winners will be announced in September.)

Top News – Student videos demonstrate ed-tech’s value

This project undertaken by eSchool News strikes me as an especially proactive way of demonstrating how important technology has become in teaching and learning. Of course, we also need to remember that sound pedagogical principles must still be evident – but this type of project engenders many such principles… ideally it is a student-centred exercise, ideally it emerges from constructivist enquiry, it should be generative and productive – and it seems to me that some of the video entries are all that and more.

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