Tonight or tomorrow – depending whee you are and when you read this Ars Virtua present a special exhibition inside its Second Life new media centre and gallery.


This show includes projects with very different data sets and very different intentions. Data sets ranging from four letter words to prescription pharmaceuticals, to the blogosphere and beyond. Each takes on a unique method for presenting a perspective on information that otherwise would remain unseen.

Opening Friday June 30 from 8pm – 10pm SLT (Pacific Time); secondlife://dowden/41/58

Ars Virtua is a new type of exhibition venue that leverages the tension between the 3d rendered game space and the space occupied by meat. It is part of a series of projects that explore the virtual as the new real.

Located at the edge of Butler and Dowden, in the world of Second Life. To view the exhibit you will need to create an account, download the client and create an avatar

Ars Virtua’s 3000 square meter two story building is divided into a main gallery space, a lounge and shop and residency space.

I dropped by before and during the opening to check things out.  There are some amazing displays of new conceptions of art in a technologised and virtualised world.  There is visual work – a series of interactive images that display the trasnscipt of interview at the time the picture was captured – there is a audio work – touch a brazier in the foyer and activate an algorithm that produces a sound specific to your avatar and its features – there are many other pieces of work to explore.

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