Some reminders about the basics in Second Life

Today I conducted a small tour of my research island, Godot, in Second Life.  The visitors were all people involved with, or interested in, Psychodrama. As one of the virtual hosts for the event I would like to thank everyone who attended the session.  It was nice to have people back on the island.  Thanks […]

No sign of flagging interest in Virtual Worlds acording to recent Linden Lab report

Image via CrunchBase Linden Lab have just released the findings of their recent analysis of Second Life usage.  400 million hours of resident participation – that’s over 45,000 years for a single user! Given that the report also shows a marked increase in resident ownership and economic participation – it bodes well for MUVEs and […]

Our Wedding

Amanda and I have just returned from our wedding and are about to take our witnesses out to dinner.  We hope you enjoy this slideshow. The afternoon was a bit cool and wet – and as you’ll see we spent some of the ceremony under umbrellas – but it was a hoot and only our […]