It has just dawned on me that the most engaging sessions I’ve been to are those run by people who are actually out there in the wild – doing it for real in the real world of Web 2.0

Not those peddling institutional clones, not those flogging product, not those killing us with dot points, statistics and feigned interest but no passion… why,when we talk of ePortfolios, are the students themselves often left of the considerations?

The ones who engaged us are the ones who understand engagement, aren’t afraid of letting go of control and looking forward with passionate regard for their subject and practice…

These same people also seem to understand pedagogy and facilitation – they asked more than they told – they made room for us to learn and make sense of what was being offered… instead of bombarding us with their agenda… we could all learn from them!

You’ll find many of them on Twitter, CoverItLive and such… they used the tools they use on a daily basis to engage us and help us learn…

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