Not to be confused with the new Web 2.0 tool Innertoobâ„¢ – but exciting nonetheless – CBS has launched Innertube.  Innertube is a new streaming video service – and several of the networks major primetime programs will be streamed live.  There is also a good selection of play-on-demand videos that go behind the scenes on some of the shows.

This is one to watch… it seems several other networks are planning similar launches soon.

If you’ve not encountered Innertoobâ„¢ yet its worth taking a look….

“The Innertoob™ brand media commenting tool is a web-application for engaging your audience in conversation within the timeline of online audio and video. The Innertoob™ player is great for getting into the heart of podcasts, music, and videos, describing what’s in them, and then telling the world all about it.”

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