Call for papers for Digital Learning India 2006 Conference

Digital Learning India 2006 23-25 August,2006 Hotel Taj Palace New Delhi, India Dear Members, The Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies ( is organizing a  three day conference entitled ‘Digital Learning India 2006’ in conjunction with ‘egov India 2006’ and ‘Indian Telecentre Forum 2006’ to be held during 23-25 August, 2006 at Hotel […]

Using games in education

The folk over at The Games Institute and Muzzy Lane are offering a 4 week online course “Using Games in Education”… With Using Games in Education, you can bring the opportunities of digital games into your classroom. This ten unit course explores “why games”—the theories of educational gaming—and “how games”—the practical aspects of implementing educational […]

Kudos indeed

A liitle personal gossip.  Last year at a conference in Melbourne I met a professor from the Instructional Design section of a major US university.  Yesterday I got an email asking if I’m interested in a temporary teaching position. No real news yet, but I was just so damn chuffed I had to share!!

Community building

At a CREATEC seminar yesterday Janette Hill from University of Georgia presented a short session about community building in online learning environments.  Some important insights for my own investigations into shifting Process Drama into online contexts. Janette introduced Turkle’s suggestion of the self as “sum of distributed presences” and I found the notion very similar to Goffman’s […]