Emotions in Games

Over at New Scientist I stumbled across this interview with  Peter Molyneux on emotions in games. He’s the man behind games like Populous and Black & White and he talks about making gaming a more emotional experience – I suggested in the late 1990’s that this might be the point where Drama informs computer games – […]

Metaxis comes to Second Life

I was quite surprised today when I was reading through the materials arriving from the Second Life Educators mailing list.  Someone referred to Boal’s concept of “metaxis”… my stunned response follows… Yay!! See I told everyone drama was useful for something in the realm of technology.This phenomenon is discussed briefly in a recently released book.  […]

What is Second Life (an ongoing discussion)

In response to a debate convened elsewhere about the nature of Second Life and the nature of games-based learning and the nature of role-play….    Interestingly, (to me) my PhD research project is entitled “Drama Teacher as Games Master: developing digital games-based process drama as performance” My goal is to take aspects of process drama, role-playing games and dramatic performance […]