GetUp! – Save our Net

As many will be aware, the Australian government is contemplating a draconian legislative act to intervene in the internet access of every Australian.  Those of you who’ve been following my research project in Second lIfe will be aware that I posed this as a fictional scenario in process drama activities over the past 3 years… […]

Sean the Blogonaut on why filtering isn’t the answer.

Some other excellent material at these places: ISP-level content filtering won’t workThe ISP giants explain why it’s not a good idea. Brett Winterford and Julian Hill, 30 October 2008 06:04 PM Tags: telstra, iinet, internode, filtering, isp, whitelist, say, hackett video feature Federal Government plans to introduce ISP-level filtering to provide a ‘safer’ internet […]

Say No to Internet Censorship in Australia

Yet another group has started lobbying the Federal Government about the foolish plan to introduce a so-called “Clean Feed”. Say No to Internet Censorship in Australia As the professional body representing people working across a broad spectrum of the web industry, the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) objects to the Government’s plans to trial ISP […]