GetUp! – Save our Net

As many will be aware, the Australian government is contemplating a draconian legislative act to intervene in the internet access of every Australian.  Those of you who’ve been following my research project in Second lIfe will be aware that I posed this as a fictional scenario in process drama activities over the past 3 years… […]

Citizen Journalist vs Police

Image via Wikipedia A news story on Tech Wired Australia reports that an Australian man was threatened with mandatory arrest under anti-terrorism laws unless he surrendered his Blackberry mobile phone footage of police searching another man in public. Who Watches The Watchers: Australian Threatened With Arrest Under Australian Anti-Terrorism Act For Being a Citizen Journalist […]

Interesting developments in Australia for Second Life and Education

We have an interesting emerging space for collaboration of those working in SL and with teens at and Dean Groom brings a whole new twist to learning initiatives in SL – and is possibly the first school in Australia to fully blend SL learning into the mainstream curriculum. These take place in TL […]