If you know the grid like you know your own neighborhood Catherine Linden is looking for you. She is looking for people to show the press around the grid. If you want this posh job you can’t just ask for it; you have to know your way around and be able to show others around as well.To apply send Catherine an email with your top 10 places in world and other background info on your in world shenanigans. There is no information on pay or time expectations, but this could be a great opportunity for the right resident. If you think that resident is you apply, and make sure you let us know how it goes.

Wanted: Second Life Tour Guides – Second Life Insider

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Do you think you know Second Life better than anyone? Interesting off-the-beaten-path locations, beautiful landscapes, cool communities, unusal uses of the world and fun experiences? I am looking for residents to help take the press on guided tours of SL and would love your help.

If you think you’d like to give it a shot, please send me an email with your top 10 favorite places in Second Life, how long you’ve been in-world, what you like to do in-world and your contact info.

If I see a good fit, I’ll get in touch and discuss the opportunity with you.



P.S. Please email me at catherine@lindenlab.com

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