From Christy Dena over at Writing About Virtual Words at WRT: Writer Response Theory we learn that:

SLATE Magazine (Second Life Arts & Total Entertainment Magazine) is a new Second Life magazine that covers the arts in SL. There are 14 authors in the collective so far and we’re a mixed bunch of artists, academics, writers, business people and designers….

The Magazine is now online at It will be available inworld and in pdf format very soon. Advertising space is available too. My first article is: ‘A Commanding Conversation’ and is a continuation of the ideas discussed here previously in this post on the poetics of keywords. In future articles I will be looking at how the gallery space and curatorial dynamics change in a virtual world and the writing and games specific to inside virtual spaces.

This is a great development as the most common references to Second Life arts events seem to be open invitations or simple reporting of what took place – as Christy points aout at WRT the analytical and academic perspectives seem to never arrive – hopefully SLATE will begin to address that shortfall.

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