Gallery space

Thanks to an entry at Jean Burgess’s creativity/machine I found my way to Museumr.  I’m not sure of the potential at the moment beyond ‘vernacular’ pleasure and artistic expression.  But it is vaguely subversive and as Jean comments its a bit like “sneaking into the master’s house”.  I generated several images in my first few minutes from pictures Ihad stored on my desktop but you can also allow Museumr to draw upon your flickr albums as well.

This is one of my favourite little snaposhots seemingly on display in a major gallery – all thanks to museumr.  They offer only a few museum settings at the moment but I can imagine a community push to developing more and more settings in time.

Yes, it all seems like a bit of fun but I’m sure the cultural analysts will soon be discovering some really interesting and engaging practices emerging from the development of such tools.

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