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I thought this blog post developed a nice, albeit partial, set of technology competencies that would certainly set our staff well ahead in the drive to flexible and online learning. The list is also the result of a particular pedagogical view that has collaboration, active student participation and a

And its a given that the list will change regularly as new technologies and expectations arise.  Change must be seen as a constant.

Some of it relates directly to our own university-branded initiatives – but the skill set needs to be transferable and generic.  Those in Education may also see a need to propogate these ideas to their students.

The main challenge, as I see it, is that many academic teaching staff do not see these as basic competencies for educators.  The question still arises “Who will do it for me?” – it isn’t a workload issue – once you know how to do these things effectively your time is more readily deployed elsewhere.

As the author suggest – the list isn’t exhaustive…comments on the blog site extend the list…

How do we get academic teaching staff to demonstrate greater personal agency when it comes to technology use?    Do we start pushing lists like this as self-auditing tools?  I honestly don’t believe that more traditional PD is going to have much impact…. Do we need to find ways to ENGAGE the staff in the same ways that we’re asking staff to think about engaging students…make the engagement relevant to their daily lives, meaningful engagement, embedded learning… What if the academics workplace also became their personal learning space?

Why do we have a dichotomous Teaching and Learning approach – as distinct from a teaching is learning is teaching process?

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