The blogosphere seems to have embraced this term with a passion. It seems to have gained some currency towards the end of last week and is now a fully fledged meme on the loose.

My conceptualisation is something like this:

Teachers and learners busting out of the Access Control systems that schools and universities insist on labelling “Learning Tools” and “Virtual Classrooms” – the real learning is OPEN access…. creative, expansive, generative, social… subversive, transgressive and problematic…

That sits quite comfortably with me as I’ve had to find workarounds for many technology projects I’ve wanted to initiate over the past 15 years. The locked down systems of academia and schools are often very counterproductive and anathema to rich learning.

The EDUPUNK is the person who acknowledges this but is reluctant to accept it. DIY is the order of the day. Find solutions using whatever tools you can utilise or construct yourself. Share your resources widely and freely.

Some of my favourite comments on EDUPUNK are:

I’ve been thinking about mosh pits as metaphors for learning/teaching spaces for years, as places where people are both competitive and collaborative, both violent and communal, both individual and nameless/faceless, self-affirming and self-destructive, etc. Most important, for moshes to work, all participants have to trust each other. (Seth Kahn)

EduPunks are also folks who see that there is value in contributing to community and fostering knowledge even in “unapproved” spaces. (Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins)

Some of the better EDUPUNK discussions are:

We’ve even begun a bit of a gathering at Facebook with an EDUPUNK group.

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