This is a great little profile video – as much about the work of Global Kids as it is about Nafiza.

My impression is that learners like Nafiza are the leaders of the future.  These students are learning to operate at so many levels and projects like Global Kids are showcasing these students to the world.

I wonder how many high school teachers around the world can comfortable say that they can support the growth and development of students like Nafiza?  Even more importantly, how many educational systems are providing the requisite tools and opportunities that this little NY based project is offering? 

How many schools have a vision of Nafiza when they are planning their year?  How many teachers can claim they are able to work with Nafiza using the tools of her choice?  How many can understand the degree of learning that is going on with every part of Nafiza’s day?

Hopefully, very, very many… otherwise our students will be falling behind.

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