Well it’s been a while since I found time to post something new. I’ve recently joined the Second Life Educational Community and found it incredibly absorbing. 

This community is incredibly vibrant, and like the rest of Second Life it is growing at a rapid rate.  When I say growing I’m referring to the population – the actual (or is that virtual) space seems to be growing at a slightly slower pace.  I’m having trouble locating a small patch of land on which I can establish a home – although a few generous educators have offerd temporary use of some of their under-utilised holdings.

Its amazing who you find wandering around in-world and who turns up on the various egroups and discussion forums. I’ve found that several colleagues are in there exploring the possibilities -except I didn’t know they were collegues until they posted in the various community forums.

I am rapidly becoming convinced that many aspects of Second Life are ideal for my proposed online process drama.  ease with which users can craft their own avatar images, the degree of freedom of action and control of avatars is ideal for a socially constructed role-playing session.  I haven’t yet begun to consider the notion of running the drama with the avatars taking on roles…. might be a little too “meta” for new users.  Although having stated the possibility I am intrigued!

I live in-world as Kim Pasternak… if anyone wants to drop in and say hello.  I might start posting a timetable of when he is inworld.

I’d love to hear about the experiences of others exploring the possibilities – are there any other drama educators looking at the possibilities? 

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