The 2009 NMC Symposium on New Media and Learning, the thirteenth in the NMC’s Series of Virtual Symposia, will explore the impact of new media on teaching, learning, research, and creative expression, especially in higher education.

NMC Symposium on New Media & Learning


The NMC have just advised that my presentation proposal has been accepted.

Dramatically Different: Strategies for Socially-Engaged Learning in Virtual Worlds

Drawing together the established wisdom of educational drama, applied theatre and “situated role”, this session will examine the benefits of creating socially driven learning activities inside 3D MUVEs. Role-played learning activities in 3D MUVEs can be framed as an “active-inquiry process”. This session will propose and test some effective forms and conventions to frame inworld roleplay as purposeful collaborative learning.

Thursday, March 26, 4:30pm – 5:15pm
(please note: this is US Pacific Time – Western Australian time is 8.30-9.15 am – if my daylight savings dates are correct)

I’ve been involved with several of the NMC Symposia and they are always a tremendous gathering of the New Media community.  This event is convened in Second Life and registration is available via:  http://www.nmc.org/node/2009-nml-symposium/register-online

SLIDE SHARE presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/kimbowa/nmc2009-dramatically-different


One thought on “NMC Symposium on New Media & Learning

  1. All finished. Went quite well – as usual too much planned to squeeze into the session. Seemed to be well received.

    Only had one technical failure and had to disconnect and log back in…

    The session will available as a .mov from the NMC in the next day or so.


    Good crowd for the end of an event… No time to go the Irish Pub with the rest of them though.

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