For those using ActiveWorlds installations as their MUVE of choice this news may interest:

Theatrical Productions Made Easy:
The Classic Modeled Theater Stage System features a sweet stage shell configured with built in backdrop or movie screen, tagged to take commands from create or activate triggers, to change backdrop image, media or curtain header texture by choice.

System Componets are only 262 polys for curtains, 256 polys for stage shell, and just 40 polys for the stage floor. This makes a total production system in less than 1350 poly faces assembled. zip download is 815kb.

This Amazing system is yours Free for every AW world that wants to provide the latest in shows and events from a classical lowpoly product.

For drama educators wanting to explore the potential of virtual performance this could be a useful starting point. The familiar theatrical conventions and the traditional modelling may eventually give way to more exploratory, experimntal and innovative creative modes, but for Drama teachers nervous about embarking on the dark journey to embrace technology this could pave the the early pathways.

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