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This is an interesting article coming from feedback to Facade developers about the experience of playing the game.  The public vs. private domain of playing a game that isn’t strictly entertainment – the goal/purpose is interact with a couple experiencing some domestic disharmony.  Public gameplay is described as humourous and superficial but private play is revealed to offer some greater sense of depth and intensity – a more involved style to play.

I wonder if this is further evidence (albeit anecdotal) that a more anonymous private mode of playing is necessary for the sort of engagement that an educational drama game migth require?

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2 thoughts on “Facade: a private pleasure?

  1. Hi, I am the anonymous frat guy that authored the feedback. Your inquiry about the more private mode of playing intrigued me. I’ve thought before about the difference between playing a game on my computer and on a game console as involving different observation spaces. While a computer game involves yourself and anyone willing to watch the computer screen, console games welcome observation from those simply in the room, eyes habitually drawn to the television. Does the computer allow greater privacy than the boxed console? I don’t know. What do you think?

  2. Hi Nick,

    Not sure that the console or computer affords greater privacy. I was more interested in the style of play that you described – the “secrecy” component of trying to engage with Facade on a more empathetic level.

    As you say, the screen can tend to draw the gaze of others nearby. However, the situation you described with your buddy – playing covertly under the cover of night – says something to me about risk-taking and the desire to find something more satisfying, perhaps emotionally deeper, in the engagement than gratuitous groping and spoofing of the scenario.

    This is important for me to consider as a drama teacher wanting to engage students in game-based online role-play interactions.

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