Kim's patch of SL


OK – finally have my little parcel of land upon which to develop the basics for part of the Interdisciplinary Practice unit I’m teaching at university this year and to accommodate some of my explorations for my research. You can find it over at Maceday 121,143, 152.  It looks a bit like a sandbox at the moment as I experiment with some building and terraforming. 

But it is a substantial 4096 sqm block in an L-shape at the bottom of a hill – the weather is a bit misty at times. 

Not sure who all my neighbours are but there seems to be an amusement park developing nearby.  I wanted to thank Pathfinder Linden for assisting with the allocation of the space – once I met him inworld it took only minutes to have the space set up for me.

In the hope of meeting some other Drama teachers within Second Life I have set up DEISL – Drama Educators in Second Life – a group to help bring togther other like minded teachers.  I am also associated with several of the major educational groups within Second Life and  hope that DEISL will become a group of pioneers in Drama Education online.  Hopefully we can grow and share resources and ideas as we develop new approaches to drama online.

Also of interest to educators might be the ongoing development of SLOODLE – a Second Life/Moodle integration.  The concept has captured the imagination of quite a few educators and web develpers and the resultant community is making rapid headway with the model.  A lot of engaging and critical discussion on their forums.  The Skype block they’ve developed would be a great addition to a standard Moodle installation to add another layer of interaction to the interface.

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