The BACCHAE by Euripides
Directed by Phorkyad Acropolis (aka: Stephen Schrum) in the world of Second Life

Performances:all times now confirmed
At the Greek Theater:

SAT, May 31 3pm SL time
WED, June 4 5pm SL time
SUN, June 1 3pm SL time
SAT, June 7 3pm SL time

BACCHAE Information

I managed to get along to the June 1 performance.  A fascinating and engaging performance.  While there were a few stumbles and inevitable SL “issues” the troupe managed to navigate wonderfully through this impressive performance.

Using a combination of spoken word (voice) and an automatic text feed the performance also used some good scripted effects and animations to illustrate the story.

As with some other dramatic performances in Second Life I was reminded of the importance for audiences to be aware of their own control of camera focus, zoom, etc can affect the level of engagement with the performance.  This piece particularly had some very detailed costuming and avatar effects.

I think this piece was a good example for theatre/drama students about how the paradigm has expanded – it was live theatre – not dissimilar to an illustrated and animated live radio drama.   I’d be curious to hear what others think about their experience of the event. (Add comments)


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