Well, I was just saying in my blog post this morning that had I a chance to redo my Dramatically Different workshop presentation from NMC I would implement some changes.  Now, thanks to a last minute cancellation at the 2009 Virtual World Best Practice in Education Conference and the fact I was following organiser chat at the time, I get my opportunity.  I will now be offering the final session at the ISTE location to wind up the VWBPE event.


Within a minute of the session being cancelled (6.16AM PDT) Ioffered to reprise my NMC session, by 6.21AM we’d organised for me to step in as a replacement.  Within 25 minutes (6.43AM)the schedule on the conference wiki had been changed, new posterboards had been created and the conference was moving along without a hitch.  This is the strength of a great online community and the affordances of digital environments in action.  The fact we were on 3 continents in real life meant nothing.. we were able to rally our resources and make this happen.

Dramatically Different: Strategies for Socially-Engaged Learning in Virtual Worlds description.

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