Suzanne Vega to perform in Second Life

The Infinite Mind launches in 3-D cyberspace John Hockenberry hosts live broadcast featuring Suzanne Vega, Kurt Vonnegut, Howard Rheingold. Opening events for the new virtual world headquarters include a series of live tapings, hosted by acclaimed broadcast journalist and long-time contributor to The Infinite Mind John Hockenberry. Guests will include visionary singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega, who […]

More on griefing…or moron griefing?

This is becoming quite an interest of mine over the past few months and has also taken centre stage as the focal theme of my online drama work.  There are emerging more and more stories about griefing across the entire web – in games, virtual communities, online worlds… etc…. Mark Wallace over at 3pointD and […]

Games for the Web

Trinity College has made available.. term papers written by undergraduate students in the class “Games for the Web: Ethnography of Massively Multiplayer On-line Games.” These students used a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods to explore sociological issues associated with massively multiplayer virtual worlds. Each student in the class pursued a different research question. […]